Friday, May 18, 2007

Be sure to visit the studio, and check on the progress of the restoration work. Craig Schub has a few new plein air pieces that are drying, and Michelle has been working on a series of city-scape studies. She enjoys the vitality of the street scene on Demonbraun, with downtown Nashville in the background (Where Music Row and Demonbraun intersect the round-about).

Welcome to the Studio and Gallery...

The Fine Gold Creek Gallery, is a fine art studio and gallery, located within the watershed of Fine Gold Creek and a historic mill town.

Come in and rest a bit, before you meander around the gallery, and the meadows beyond. Don't mind Catawampus, the resident cat who rides herd on the long horn cattle. On occassion, she will let herself in, and sit motionless, looking at of one of the paintings for minutes at a time; very much the art critic . . .

Our devoted staff ;]

We weren't kidding about the longhorns.

Just waiting to have it's portrait painted!

Such a perfect spot to paint; in the shade, right under the oak tree

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